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Dirty Talk by Abigail or one of the other female models. Send her a picture of your cock and let her talk real dirty about your tiny dick, big dick, unusual formed dick? Any men with abnormal penises or unusual balls who like dirty talking about their own cock or balls are welcome! Also penectomy and castration fantasy talk and verbal humiliation is possible!

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TabooZone featuring Mistress Kitty New

Mistress Kitty KittyCream on TabooZone
Cum on my Black Pantyhose! - Full Movie

Cum on my Black Pantyhose! - Full Movie New

This dominant, muscular amazon wants you to masturbate over her muscular body. She likes not only the idea, also dirty talking about masturbation, male weakness and ball abuse while she masturbates herself... provocative, erotic posing, including open legs, shaved pussy under her black transparent pantyhose and female muscle flexing. She likes the idea that you masturbate over her muscular body and cum with huge amounts of sperm in her direction... she likes also to discipline you, therefore she counts you down and want you to cum as she masturbates herself... she got an orgasm herself after she said one... too distracted by her own sexual lust she can not say zero anymore... so just cum together with her and shoot off your load in huge amounts on her pantyhose!!!
Length 17:48 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

Tiny Dick Wanker

Tiny Dick Wanker - Extreme Humiliation New

She names your dick "the tiniest dick in the whole world!". You should never let a devious young woman take a photograph of your tiny cock! Of course she would share it and all those horny depraved girls will laugh at you! She compares your clit sized dick to your (just relative) big balls... how your dick shrinks when she talks dirty to you... that you are a small dick celebrity from now on... that they maybe torture your bollocks but will not chop off your dick because there is nothing there except a bit of skin... or chop your balls off, so your balls match your tiny dick... that she might call the guinness book of records, if they have a section for the smallest dick in the world or if they are interested to open a new section... Then a final jerk off instruction to humiliate you even more, because she knows this tiny dick will never be able to get big! So she uses the l word again and force you to clean her room, the only use for her, just like a eunuch!
Length 10 minutes. MP4 Full HD. ©

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